Allan Fels

Cutting through hype

THE ACCC receives many calls about advertising and selling issues.With the introduction of the new tax system many businesses continue to base their advertising campaigns around GST ‘hype’.Honest advertising and selling practices benefit business ...

Prices under spotlight

SINCE July 1 consumers have been comparing actual price changes with those listed in the ACCC’s Everyday Shopping Guide. Products and services that have attracted particular interest include milk, bread, take-away coffee, shampoo, video recorders,...

ACCC’s role clarified

THERE are misconceptions about the ACCC’s role in relation to the GST which I would like to clear up.It is not a question of having thousands of ACCC-employed inspectors checking prices.

Pricing hints for business

SINCE July 1, operators of cafés, takeaways and restaurants have been over-represented by complaints to the GST Pricing Line. For this reason, the ACCC has issued some handy hints on pricing.

Base price change key to GST moves

SOME consumers have commented that they are confused when they see 10 per cent GST included on receipts or bills they have received when shopping since July 1.

Compliance CD to help business

Small businesses are encouraged to use the ACCC’s pricing kit to help identify cost savings as a result of the New Tax System changes.

Pricing questions answered

THESE were some of the most asked questions from the ACCC GST Price Line.