Work, Time, Play & Other Four Letter Words

Event Date: 
15 March 2017
AIM WA Leadership Centre
76 Birkdale Street

Your Best Self Series Luncheon

Work, a simple four-letter word that encompasses so much of our lives. There is no doubt that for many, work defines us. It shapes our identity, affecting the way we see ourselves and how others perceive us.

Paid work rewards us with an income, enabling us to consume. It also provides intrinsic benefits including self-esteem, challenge, mental stimulation and social connectedness.

But what if work dominates us? While we are trained for paid work from an early age, we are not trained for an equally vital part of our life - serious leisure.

This presentation is a unique look at paid work and also how you can enhance your professional and personal life through cultivating "serious leisure" as a source of purpose, fulfilment and pleasure, either during your paid working life or when you retire.

Join us as we explore:
- Different perspectives on work - paid or otherwise
- How to notice and alleviate stress levels during critical work time
- The difference and benefits of casual, project and serious leisure
- How to create more time and space in your professional and personal life.

Speaker: Andrew Kikeros, Principal LIFE TIME WISE
Andrew is the Principal of LIFE TIME WISE, a unique consulting practice specialising in dealing with the issues surrounding work, time, leisure and their influence on individuals, workplaces and society.

Andrew has worked with hundreds of individuals helping them better understand how to balance paid work and cultivate serious leisure during their careers, and prior to either retirement or redundancy. This has positively impacted on people's lives and the productivity and morale of the companies they work for.

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