Will Online Learning Destroy Universities, or Save Them?

Event Date: 
27 February 2015
The Celtic Club
48 Ord St West Perth

Emeritus Professor Steven Schwartz AM has been Vice-Chancellor at Brunel University in London, Murdoch University in Perth and Macquarie University in Sydney.

Steven will explain how the structure of university course fees has distorted the higher education sector and how price controls have not prevented fees from rising.

Like any other sector, higher education is not immune to economic principles such as moral hazard, productivity, supply and demand and competition.

Online learning threatens to destroy the current model of university education.

While the Australian Parliament is debating a higher education reform package, Steven’s advice for what they should do is as controversial as it is effective.

Come join us at the Celtic Club, 48 Ord St West Perth, on Friday 27th February at 6pm. Entry is $10 to cover costs and some food will be provided.

Mannkal Economic Education Foundation and the Freedom and Prosperity Club
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