WBA Breakfast: Don't Let Your Business Be Another Scary Statistic

Event Date: 
20 April 2016
25 Drovers Place

Join the WBA, Suredata and Provident Insurance Services for breakfast and learn how to protect your business data and recover if disaster strikes

If you think this topic is not relevant to you and your business, you're wrong!

- Has it crossed your mind how much of your business is digital and on your computer(s)?
- How would you cope if you woke up tomorrow to find all your business data had gone and you weren't able to get it back?

- How would your customer relationships be affected if your clients' personal details were breached?

Disasters come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have drastic impacts on business. Cyber-crime, natural disasters, accidents, theft and computer hacking all cost businesses money, time, loss of client trust, stress and much more. Don't put yourself in this position, building your business is hard enough, be one step ahead and have a plan to protect it and recover in case it happens to you.

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