The Role of Sleep Health in Workplace Well-being Productivity and Effective Leadership

Event Date: 
16 December 2015
UWA Club
Hackett Drive

Sleep is well known to influence mood, health and productivity, however for a large number of Australians it remains elusive. In this fast paced and entertaining presentation find out about the importance of sleep, common causes of poor sleep, the physiological drivers for sleep, how sleep is structured, and how employees and employers can work together for improved sleep health for employee wellbeing, productivity and leadership outcomes.

This CPD event will commence with a presentation of COPWA's AGM and conclude with a Q & A opportunity. Whilst the AGM is complimentary, please note that registration fees apply if staying for the CPD component of the evening.

About the presenter:

Jason van Schie is the Managing Director of People Diagnostix – a provider of practical, psychologically based wellbeing and assessment services to organisations throughout Australia. Jason holds a Masters of Applied Psychology (Occupational) and has been working as a registered psychologist since 2005. He has presented on various wellbeing topics extensively throughout Australia and has established a reputation of being a highly knowledge and entertaining presenter. Jason is very passionate about sleep health as is evident in his role as an independent director on the board of the Sleep Health Foundation (SHF) where he assists to increase community and organisational awareness of the importance of sleep.

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will have gained:
•An understanding of common causes of inadequate and poor quality sleep

•An understanding of the physiological drivers for sleep and the role of sleep in health, wellbeing and safety

•Practical advice how employers and employees can work together for optimal sleep health

Samantha Lee
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