The International Negotiator's Toolkit

Event Date: 
04 July 2012
Murdoch University

The general belief that in business ‘all people are the same’ has caused many negotiation failures. Irrespective of your job, industry or position, you negotiate every day, often with people from different cultural backgrounds. Cultural differences often lead to cultural misunderstandings and even conflicts. That is why developing cultural skills is paramount for negotiators.

Dr Eliane Karsaklian is visiting Murdoch University from the Université de la Sorbonne in Paris. With significant experience in international business negotiations around the world, she is presenting a special one day seminar on this theme. Dr Karsaklian will share her conviction that an understanding of the impact of culture is paramount and can affect the success of your negotiations.

 Who Should Attend

Negotiators dealing with counterparts from other cultures. Ideally, participants will be familiar with negotiation techniques and environments, and have some field experience (not necessarily international). The seminar is suitable for professionals from all industries and government departments seeking to broaden their understanding of the impact of culture on negotiation, and who wish to perform better as negotiators.

 Seminar Content

• Understanding what culture is about

• Understanding the impact of culture on business and negotiations

• Being prepared to negotiate in every cultural environment

• Being prepared for face-to-face and distance negotiations

• Getting familiar with the International Negotiator’s Toolkit

• Using the International Negotiator’s Toolkit to negotiate around the world

The seminar is conducted as a workshop by presenting and applying the INT. As hands-on training, the INT seminar allows participants to immediately apply knowledge to their daily work as international negotiators. The use of the INT increases knowledge, accuracy in preparation, and performance in international negotiation.


Dr Eliane Karsaklian is visiting Murdoch University from the Université de la Sorbonne in Paris.


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