Rise and Shine with Nina Hobson

Event Date: 
16 November 2016
CCI Function Centre
180 Hay Street
East Perth

‘Rise and Shine’ – Start your day with a success story

The ‘Rise and Shine’ breakfast series is an opportunity for guests to start their morning with a rush of inspiration. Instead of heading off to work and having a regular day, guests will enjoy a delectable breakfast whilst listening to something that will inspire not just that day, but for the rest of their career.

Our guest speakers are all from different backgrounds and walks of life but every one has succeeded well beyond expectations, in male dominated environments, against significant barriers and opposition. Their stories are incredibly inspiring and guests have the opportunity to not only immerse themselves into their worlds but also engage with them personally.

Come join us for second ‘Rise and Shine’ Breakfast event at the CCI Function Centre on the 30th of November at CCI Function Centre.

We will hear from Nina Hobson, anti-poaching activist, private investigator, undercover operative, businesswoman of the Year finalist. A courageous woman, Nina pushed all boundaries to become a whistle-blower on the police force and went undercover to expose corruption within the organisation. She does what it takes to stand up for what is right, not allowing to be intimidated by what has always been.

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