Pathways to Success for Small Business (and the traps to avoid)

Event Date: 
31 May 2018
MVP Financial
Level 1, 9 Bowman Street

In this half-day workshop, Small Business Specialist Doug Verley will teach you how to think strategically about your business, share important learnings from 32 years of business and SME experience, identify the traps that many business owners fall into (and how to avoid them), and will go through best practices for running a business in 2018/19.

Did you know?
- Approximately 60% of all small businesses fail within the first 3-years.
- Last year, only half of the small businesses in Australia reported that they had a positive cash flow.
- In an ever more competitive market, growth is becoming harder. Businesses that are unable to grow make up a significant proportion of the 60% who fail.

To adequately address these challenges, you need a dynamic and forward-thinking business, you need to make strategic business decisions based on fact (not fiction), and develop plans that you and your employees understand and can execute.

Learn how to:
- think strategically about your business
- identify and measure business performance
- develop a plan for your business based on facts
- record, measure and assess key financial information
- lead and initiate change in your business
- spot trends and cultural shifts (both internally and externally)
- provide strong leadership and successfully motive staff

Doug Verley
Doug has 31 years of experience in numerous industries, with over 23 years entrenched in all areas of strategy development, planning and implementation, some of these as Group Strategist of a listed life insurance Group. In recent years, he has acted as the Compliance Officer to a ~$500m ASX200-listed investment company; has been the Executive Chairman of a prominent mid-tier accounting, tax and financial planning business; and still sits as Director and advisor to various SMEs and Not-For-Profit organisations across Australia.

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