Optiro: Surpac Geology Fundamentals course - 19 June in Perth

Event Date: 
19 June 2017
$1 400.00
Optiro Head Office
Level 1, 16 Ord Street

This 1-day Surpac Geology Fundamentals course uses a real-life data set to cover the basics of using Surpac as a geologist, and is highly recommended as a prerequisite for the Surpac Resource Estimation and Evaluation Course. You will learn about the fundamental concepts of Surpac’s interface, graphics environment, geology database, string files, DTM surfaces, solids modelling (wireframing), block modelling and macros. These concepts are reinforced through a large number of practical activities, all of which involve using Surpac on a real-life data set.

Course outline:
- Introduction : course overview, understand key outcomes and your goals
- The Surpac Interface : understanding all of the main components and how to customise them to improve your efficiency
- Surpac Data : how to display, import, export, and convert the most commonly used data types (eg. strings, DTMs, CSV, other Geological Mining Software)
- Macros : learn how to save time by creating, editing, and running Tcl scripts
- String Editing : learn how to create and modify strings in graphics and via file tools
- Geology Database : understand database structure; how to create a database; and how to import, export, and display data
- DTM Surfaces : learn how to create, view, display, contour, and report volumes
- Solids Modelling : learn how to create, view, display, contour, and report volumes
- Block Modelling : learn basic block model concepts such as sub-blocking, how to create and display a block model, import and export data, and generate grade-tonnage reports

Presenter: Rowdy Bristol BSc (Construction Engineering), AAS (Land Surveying), MSc (Geological Engineering/Geostatistics), Post Grad Dip Computing
Rowdy is a geologist, engineer, and surveyor with postgraduate qualifications in geostatistics, and computing. Rowdy has more than 20 years’ worldwide experience in the mining industry, and four years’ experience working for a mining consultancy in the United States. Rowdy holds degrees in Geology, Surveying and Engineering, and has worked as a mine geologist, engineer, and surveyor. He has trained geologists, engineers, and surveyors in the use of Surpac Software at underground and open pit mines covering all major commodities. Rowdy’s skills are in resource evaluation, geostatistics, training, mine geology, engineering, and surveying.

08 9215 0000
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