Meeting of the Minds - Coffee for a Cause

Event Date: 
20 September 2013 to 27 September 2013


Meeting of the Minds - Coffee for a Cause is an online auction whereby people can bid for an hour of coffee with one of 18
Perth 'minds' with all funds going to the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research.

This event came about after a local West Perth business owner Alida Cubbage saw something similar on a larger scale in the
USA involving the CEO of Apple. Alida owns Caffissimo coffee shop at West End Village.

Given she has a coffee shop and loves coffee and daily sees people meet and chat over coffee she thought this would be a
great idea in Perth and a way of raising money for charity. She chose the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research
because she herself is studying a masters in research and also strongly believes that everything begins with the child –
so if we can prevent childhood illness and disease then we can make the world a healthier place.

There are 18 participants in the auction – a mix of business brains, media people, political figures, entertainment people
and sports people. Each participant has generously offered an hour of their time to sit and chat over coffee at Caffissimo
with the winning bidder at a time mutually suitable to both.

Perth personalities up for auction:

Rick Ardon
The Hon Julie Bishop MP
Eleni Evangel MLA
Associate Professor Judith Fordham
Rick HartMax Kay AM CitWA
Monika Kos
Professor Barry Marshall, AC, Nobel Laureate
Steve Mills
Matt Moran
Paul Murray
Steve Pennells
Matt Rosa
The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of Perth Ms Lisa Scaffidi
Jenny Seaton
Adam Selwood
Professor Fiona Stanley, AC
Professor Fiona Wood AM

The auction official launch is on Friday Sept 20 at 7pm – the auction remains live for a week with bidding ending midday
Friday 27 September.

People can bid by going to - on there will be an email address;
- via which people can make a confidential bid for their chosen participant. All they need to do is put the name of the person they
are bidding for in the subject line and also add in their contact details and value of their bid (in $AUD) to the main body of the
email. The bidding will be managed by a representative from the Telethon Institute with regular progress reports and profiles also
available on the website across the week so people can learn about the participants.

Bids will remain anonymous throughout the auction for privacy purposes but running totals will be constantly updated.

Once bidding is closed on Friday 27 September the highest bidder for each participant will be contacted by our representative,
the bids ( and payment ) confirmed and then one of the organisers will then be the liaison point between the bidder and their
selected participant to arrange the coffee catch-up.

There are no minimum/reserve prices set.

Telethon Institute for Child Health Research
08 9489 7779
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