Institute of Management Consultants 2014 National Conference

Event Date: 
13 November 2014 to 14 November 2014
Joondalup Resort


Conference Theme - Resilience

Resilience is a key organisational capability for sustainability in turbulent business environments. 

Resilience is the capacity for organisations to survive, adapt and sustain the business.  Change management capability would appear to be fundamental to creating resilience in businesses and particularly in SMEs.  Without a clear understanding of the drivers of resilience and its importance for sustainability, consultants are unable to contribute to the development of more resilient SMEs or even larger organisations.

Resilience also applies in the workplace. 

The world of work requires increasingly greater output from increasingly fewer workers.  Technology is also more complex.  Resilience in the individual is the ability to negotiate, manage and adapt to significant sources of stress or trauma.  How can consultants as business mentors assist managers and individuals to be more resilient?

As a profession, ManagementConsultants need to develop resilience for our businesses and in ourselves as we seek to serve the business community more effectively in a turbulent environment.  How can we develop our resilience at the same time as being a source of inspiration for our clients?

Speakers include advisors, consultants, coaches and facilitators on workplace resilience and organisational agility, and personal, professional and business development.

Session One Keynote Speaker
Kathryn McEwen

Kathryn McEwen is an organisational psychologist with more than 25 years consulting experience across all industry sectors.  She has a special interest in workplace resilience and is author of the book Building Resilience at Work as well as co-developer of the Resilience at Work (RAW) Scale.  Her areas of expertise include leader and team development, coaching and addressing team dysfunction.

Post-Conference Activities
Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th November 2014

Recreation opportunities include three nine-hole golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, trips to Swan Valley by coach or boat to visit wineries, restaurants, brewery, and other attractions.


Institute of Management Consultants
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