How To Design A Strategic Plan That Boosts Performance

Event Date: 
04 October 2016
Integral Development
Level 3, 88 William Street
Perth WA 6000

How To Design A Strategic Plan That Boosts Performance

This leading-edge workshop will provide you with the confidence and skills to deal with the challenges of new technologies, new delivery systems, new breeds of consumers and a radically reshaped economic landscape. It will show how effective strategic thinking, clever manoeuvering and a strategic plan, that ticks all the boxes on best practice and implementation, is the way forward. Without clear strategies and a well-defined business model, you will be flying blind.

Our expert will lead you with an emphasis on learning-by-doing. Step-by-step you will be shown how to put together strategy that will boost performance and find your team’s competitive edge.

If you’re involved in developing strategy for your organisation or department, then you owe it to yourself to attend this full day seminar. You’ll leave with clear and precise methods that will put you on the path to success. This workshop is ideal for managers and directors in all sectors – business, government and not-for-profit.

Take a fresh look at strategic planning and open your eyes to a simple way to develop a plan that will boost the performance of your organisation or business unit.

This practical and proven methodology can be applied to any organisation or sector: private, public or not-for-profit.

- Group learning from experienced delegates
- Interactive workshop format
- Active learning
- Step-by-step course manual

Benefits of Attending
You will learn how to:
- Generate strategic thinking in your organisation
- Promote both incremental and disruptive innovation
- Define a new business model to leapfrog competition
- Find productive solutions via design thinking
- Turn strategy into action

Who Should Attend:
Anyone interested in developing better thinking around strategy, a clearer business direction or a more effective strategic plan will benefit by coming along to hear the “right stuff”.

Dr Graham Kenny is an acknowledged expert in strategic planning and performance measurement. As a consultant, he assists organisations to undertake strategic analysis, develop and implement strategic plans and measure their performance.

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