Commercialising your Not-for-Profit

Event Date: 
07 September 2015
Governance Institute of Australia Seminar Room
Ground Floor, 8 Victoria Avenue

Join experts within the legal and tax advisory fields as they address the issues surrounding the question: How far can you go in commercialising your not-for-profit before you impact your tax status? In addition to expert commentary, a case study will be presented comprising of a review of a series of practical examples based on actual NFP experiences.

The legal considerations to be addressed:
*The governing rules of NFP entities — what are they?
*Identifying the "purpose for which the NFP entity is established"
*Understanding "incidental or ancillary" purposes — in the context of registered charities and other entities
*Identifying direct and incidental commercial purposes
*When the NFP entity owns and operates a commercial entity — what is the charitable/ tax status of the commercial entity?

The taxation considerations to be addressed:
*Linking the purpose(s) to all aspects of the NFP and the tax consequences
*What actions should a NFP do to evidence this
*Differences from an income tax perspective between a NFP and a charity including consideration of the taxation constraints applying to each category
*Separation of activities within a NFP structure — what criteria should be considered
*When should an activity be placed into a separate legal entity and if a separate entity, how to select an appropriate structure
*Managing the risk of changes in the taxation law

Dr Joanne Redburn GIA(Cert), Legal Practioner Director, NFP Lawyers
Dr Redburn is the head of the not-for-profit practice at NFP Lawyers. She has more than 8 years experience in corporate, commercial and intellectual property law, in the not for profit sector.

Dr Redburn's career has focused on public good. In addition to her law degree with honours, Dr Redburn has over 10 years experience in the research and development sector having led a research team which focused on drug discovery. She has a science degree with honours and a Doctor of Philosophy in biotechnology.

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