CEDA - The space economy - opportunities for WA

Event Date: 
21 November 2017
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, River View Room 5
21 Mounts Bay Road

Growing Australia’s space industry presents significant opportunities. Join a panel of industry leaders to discuss the opportunities for Western Australian (WA) businesses and research institutions.

From the development of technology such as autonomous vehicles, remote operations technology and geospatial awareness systems, to global research projects, WA has a considerable opportunity to capitalise on its mining, resource and defence sector expertise to develop a space industry. Globally, the space industry employs approximately 900,000 people. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development estimate the space economy represented USD $256.3 billion in revenue in 2013 and the UK Space Agency expects this figure to grow to USD $512 billion by 2030. Although the Australian space sector hires around 10,000 people and produces an annual revenue of up to $4 billion, the industry is thought to be under-performing compared to the size of Australia’s overall economy.

CEDA’s event will highlight opportunities for engagement and investment. Join industry, academia and government representatives as we explore the question: Could space be part of WA’s economic future?

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