ALPMA WA - Design Thinking for Law Firms Seminar

Event Date: 
28 November 2017
Macquarie Bank, Conference Room
Ground Floor, 235 St Georges Terrace

Increasingly complex times make innovation and collaboration vital to all types of businesses. Both of these principles are essential components of Design Thinking. 

Design Thinking is a contemporary and innovative approach to devising strategy and managing change. It helps people and organisations cut through complexity, innovate, imagine the future and drive a more thoughtful, human approach to business. It has enabled some of the world’s most successful companies to continuously innovate, adapt and grow - think Google, Apple and Airbnb.

Our presenter, Dee Roche, is a high energy ‘Design Thinker’ trained in methods developed by IDEO ExperiencePoint, a collaborative training partnership.

During the presentation, Dee will: 
- Discuss the process of Design Thinking and its importance in changing environments
- Demonstrate how the Design Thinking approach creates and accelerates better solutions to the complex challenges facing business and society
- Share a range of human-centred creative design tools to deliver new breakthrough ideas 
- Show how to assume a ‘Beginners Mindset’ - imagining the ability to turn abstract ideas into practical applications around a challenge that small to medium-sized law firms are facing

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