AICD | Director Intelligence Briefing: Questions for uncertain times

Event Date: 
17 March 2016

Two of the most important roles of any director are strategy and risk oversight. In challenging economic environments like ours, the requirement for solid strategy is critical – and risk often increases. And as we’ve seen in Western Australia over the last year, the landscape for any organisation can change very quickly, requiring a rapid response.

In essence, the role of the director becomes more complex and challenging in uncertain times, and the need to ask the right questions in the boardroom is even more important. Or maybe the questions are the same ones asked in good times, but how do you know the answers are the right ones?

In this briefing, we will explore the key questions a board should be asking in uncertain times, such as:
Is your risk assessment adequate? How do you agree the board’s risk appetite?
Are you confident the organisation’s culture is healthy?
Is the organisation genuinely financially sustainable?
Do you know where your biggest threats are?

We hope you and your colleagues can join us for what's sure to be an insightful and engaging discussion.

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