10/08/2004 - 22:00

Working together apart

10/08/2004 - 22:00


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Working together apart

Performance Improvement Conferences and Seminars will host Working Together Apart – Managing Virtual Teams, over August 30-31 at the Saville Park Suites, 201 Hay Street Perth.

Keynote speaker Knowledge Ability (UK) director Dr John Gundry will address attendees on how to manage a virtual team.

The seminar is aimed at those who have adopted virtual teaming as an alternative to one central workplace.

For some this positioning of staff is implemented to maximise opportunity in international markets, or to coordinate operations around the world.

This set up also allows the creation of worldwide alliances and can improve supply chains, and reduce travels costs.

Dr Gundry will discuss the opportunities for progressive business strategies such as outsourcing, e-business, e-learning, online collaboration and knowledge sharing, as well as some of the issues associated with a long-distance management.

Due to the greater risk and complexity of this management style the chance of failure is higher, Dr Gundry will examine some measures which can be taken in order to ensure this style succeeds.

The first objective of the seminar is to give attendees an overview and understanding of virtual teams, and to provide some training for those about to embark on managing a virtual team.

This part of the seminar will address best practices and how to establish them, the communication tools necessary, and how to build a culture of trust and sharing of knowledge.

The second topic on the agenda will explore the benefits of virtual teaming, and how to maximise these.

Third on the agenda will be troubleshooting and how to overcome difficulties associated with virtual teaming.

This section will focus on the importance of maintaining good relationships and ensuring the best tools are in place for best communication between team members.

The fourth topic will address specific difficulties in leading a virtual team.

Lastly, the seminar will cover how organisations can measure the success or return of virtual teaming. This can include assessing travel expenses, turnover and investment calculations, time management (particularly where travel is concerned), and staff morale.

Registrations can be made with Performance Improvement Conferences and Seminars by phoning 03 9835 8900 or email pics@bigpond.com.


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