13/05/2014 - 13:00

We got it wrong

13/05/2014 - 13:00


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An apology to Park Linfoot Legal Solutions.

An apology to Park Linfoot Legal Solutions

On 24 April 2014, we published a story reporting on a recent decision by the State Administrative Tribunal in which Park Linfoot Legal Solutions acted for an applicant seeking payment of its costs of the case from LendLease Management and Construction.

Business News acknowledges that some readers may have wrongly understood our story as reporting that the Perth law firm had been reproached and reprimanded by SAT for overcharging and over-servicing their client in the management of the SAT litigation.

We accept that SAT made no such findings about the law firm or its principals.

In fact, SAT’s decision concerned fixing the amount of legal costs that should be paid to the strata owners of the Upper East Side apartment building in Trafalgar Road in East Perth by LendLease in relation to the litigation.

SAT decided that although the strata owners (and not Park Linfoot, as we wrongly reported) had, as they were entitled to do, chosen to run the SAT litigation as if the case had been in the Supreme Court, relevant legal principles led to SAT finding that LendLease pay the strata owners’ legal costs fixed in amount of $23,348 rather than $59,734.40, which had been claimed.

BN unreservedly apologises to John Park and Andrew Linfoot, the principals of Park Linfoot, for any embarrassment and harm they suffered from our inaccurate story.


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