25/06/2018 - 20:18

Vonex to beta test social media voice APP

25/06/2018 - 20:18


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Vonex has started beta development of its Oper8tor communication aggregator application with a focus on system designs and platform architecture. Controlled testing is expected to start in October 2018 and the company is planning to soft-launch the app in Western Europe next year, to take advantage of its significant population and mobile phone usage.

Vonex to beta test social media voice APP

Newly listed cloud based PABX and internet telecommunications company Vonex, has started beta development of its exciting “Oper8tor” social media teleconferencing aggregation APP.

Oper8tor has the ability to provide tele-conferencing for a group of individuals that are all using different internet based telco platforms such as Skype, WhatsAPP, Viber and others.

The company is increasing its development resources, primarily through the hiring of engineers and developers, to improve system designs and the platform architecture.

The company is aiming to make Oper8tor market ready for a soft-launch in Western Europe by early 2019.

Western Europe was selected due to its concentrated population and advanced economies, high mobile phone usage and easily understandable and accessible data on APP take-up and demand.

Beta testing will involve up to 5,000 controlled users and will target data collection, bug report testing and tracking, scalability testing on elastic servers, redundancy and online marketing.

Current development work will also include refinement of the user interface functionality.

Vonex Managing Director Matthew Fahey said: “Having successfully raised $6 million in our recent IPO, we are now well funded to progress with the development of this cutting-edge application, the only mobile app in the world that Vonex is aware of allowing multiple voice apps to operate seamlessly together.”

According to European think tank IDATE DigiWorld, the over-the-top global communications market – including Whatsapp and Skype – will grow to €31.8bn by 2021 from €20.9bn in 2017.

Significantly, 60% of revenue from this market comes from social network advertising, which is one of the ways that Vonex plans to generate revenues from its Oper8tor APP.

Vonex already has an established business in the telecommunications space offering voice over internet telephone calls via its cloud based PABX systems that are rapidly replacing the old wall mounted telephony units.

Its revenues jumped from $3.74m in FY14 to over $7m last financial year while in the nine months to the 31st of March 2018, sales from both its retail and wholesale divisions hit $5.9 million.


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