03/07/2018 - 15:02

Vonex rolls out more telco tech

03/07/2018 - 15:02


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Vonex’s new customer sales online technology will enable channel partners to manage their customers’ telecommunications products efficiently online. This will include Vonex’s much vaunted cloud-hosted PABX office telephony systems. The new technology will be known as “Sign On Glass” and will play a major role on the company’s push into the channel partner market.

Vonex rolls out more telco tech

Recently listed telco upstart Vonex has unveiled its latest customer sales technology aimed at increasing efficiencies and client opportunities for its  channel partners.

The company’s “Sign On Glass” technology is available on all internet enabled devices and allows its channel partners to activate the entire range of Vonex products easily and efficiently. This also includes Vonex’s much vaunted cloud-hosted PABX office telephony system..

Existing client information will be available within the interface, which will streamline any upgrades, additions and modifications required to a client’s services.

The technology will be rolled out to the entire channel partner network and will provide more accurate provisioning and significantly reduce connection times, saving up to a week for typical orders according to the company.

Vonex Managing Director Matt Fahey said: “This is a powerful interface which will enable IT companies to manage their clients’ telecommunications products within their existing IT business model.”

“It is key to expanding our channel partner network, in particular to provide the IT managed service providers the real tools they need.”

Vonex is continuing the development of Sign On Glass and it is seeking to provide a complete portal that allows its channel partners to check product availability and site readiness prior to signing up, automate the dispatch of hardware and provide various pertinent reports.

Testing of these advanced features has already begun with hundreds of test applications to date used by the company’s in-house development team.

Vonex is counting on Sign On Glass to contribute towards the company’s push to expand its channel partner program and to increase its presence in the market.

It is aimed at helping the company’s retail division, Vonex Telecom, which offers a full suite of telecommunications services, capitalise on the market disruption expected to be caused by the continued rollout of the NBN over the next 36 months.

Vonex revenues jumped from $3.74m in FY14 to over $7m last financial year whilst in the nine months to the 31st of March 2018, sales from both its retail and wholesale divisions hit $5.9 million.


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