Vonex Oper8tor APP set to disrupt internet telco market

Fast-moving telco, Vonex, is in the final stages of the development of its new technology that looks set to disrupt the internet-based telecommunications market. The company is on the precipice of launching its new “Oper8tor” APP that will provide a singular platform for seamless communications between multiple different online messaging, video, voice and conferencing platforms.

Vonex is looking to make its Oper8tor APP a mecca of sorts for traditional users of online communications platforms such as Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp and many others, with the goal to create one site that allows users to communicate with each other across multiple different platforms regardless of whether or not they are using the same platform.

Access will be via a smart device such as an iPhone or some other similar device.

According to a report by “We Are Social”, there are over 5.1 billion individual mobile phone users – 3.26 billion of those users access social media platforms with their devices – a staggering amount of people.

GlobalWebIndex’s says that the “average person” has 7.6 active social media accounts and spends around 2.6 hours per day glued to them.

With most people now having at least a working knowledge of, or some exposure to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp and the like, Oper8tor looks to be the right product for the right time.

Oper8tor’s first iteration will allow voice and messaging services to be linked and connected to two social media messaging platforms with SMS integration and voice calling to mobile and landline phone numbers.

Vonex has now released and tested an extraordinary 216 beta versions of Oper8tor across Apple’s mobile app testing service, TestFlight, and Google Play’s mobile app testing service.

Once internal and wider app testing is complete and stable, the company will look to launch the APP sometime in early 2020.

Vonex is moving headfirst into unchartered comms territory and at face value would appear to be onto something with Oper8tor.

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