14/09/2004 - 22:00

The business of universities

14/09/2004 - 22:00


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At this time of year it’s perhaps not surprising that our universities start making new appointments as they prepare to compete for the hearts and minds of students-to-be.

At this time of year it’s perhaps not surprising that our universities start making new appointments as they prepare to compete for the hearts and minds of students-to-be.

With that in mind, I have noticed some interesting developments within several of the various business schools located in Western Australia.

The first is at UWA, where the search has begun for a replace-ment for Dr Paul McLeod, who is completing his five-year contract as dean of the UWA’s Business School and plans to move on.

Dr McLeod’s impending departure comes at a time of great excitement at UWA’s business school as it embarks on a fund-raising program to build a new business school to house the undergraduate School of Economics and Commerce, as well as the Graduate School of Management.

In a weekend advertisement, the Nedlands-based university sought a dean to lead the school “in the next exciting phase in its history and achieve the vision of building and cementing the reputation of UWA Business School as one of the most prestigious and highest-ranked business education institutions in Australasia”.

On the southern side of the Swan River there are another couple of developments. Former BankWest chief executive Terry Budge has not only joined Murdoch University’s senate but he’s also taken on a role at the business school there, where he has been appointed a visiting professor.

“It is more helping with the business of the business school, we are just exploring the opportunities,” Mr Budge said.

“I have always had a strong interest in the education and leadership side of things.”

Meanwhile, at Curtin University of Technology’s business school, regular visitor David Hall has been made an adjunct professor in entrepren-eurship.

He will run a masterclass for the Entrepreneurship & Business Development Unit run by Tim Atterton.

“David is one of the most inspiring, sought-after and enter-taining entrepreneurship and business development gurus in Europe,” Mr Atterton said.

“He specialises in helping organisations to renew, revitalise and reinvent themselves, and achieve their full potential.”

Leaders stand up to be counted

JUST a brief note to mention that the Leadership WA program is seeking applicants for its second year.

By all accounts the 30 achievers from WA who have engaged in the program during the past year have had some wonderful experiences – including being addressed by some top speakers.

It is competitive to get into the program, which has a civic-minded and public-spirited focus, and is looking for emerging leaders – people who already have an outstanding record of accomplishment but have not yet reached their career peak.

Among those from the private sector who have been participating this year are: Tom O’Leary, general manager business development, Wesfarm-ers; Jason Ricketts, partner, Freehills; Brendan Bourke, marketing and sales manager (Pilbara), Western Power; Craig Musson, managing director, WAFEX; Robyn Sutherland, director nursing, St John of God Murdoch; Michael Glynn, senior manager, Deloitte; and Toby Lawrance, WA regional manager, Bakers Delight.

“It’s not a course in manage-ment skills,” said Leadership WA chief executive officer Dr Ian Reid.

“It’s about community leadership.

“The main qualities we seek are: breadth of vision, including an ability to lift your eyes above your own organisation and professional field to look for the big challenges coming over the horizon for WA as a whole; openness to a range of experience, including respectful curiosity about what makes other people tick and what values they cherish; and a determination to make a positive difference in the wider community, rather than just to advance your own career and interests.”


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