20/02/2007 - 22:00

Tanya Forsyth - Forte Hospitality

20/02/2007 - 22:00


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Tanya Forsyth - Forte Hospitality

Title: Director

Business: Hotel and property management service

Total employees: 36

Reporting directly: n/a



Tanya Forsyth says managing to combine motherhood and working in hospitality is one of her greatest business achievements. She is also one of the youngest female managers and director in WA.

Ms Forsyth and her partner, Rob, took on the management of Fortay Hospitality and Property Cape View Beach apartment in 2002, not long before the birth of Ms Forsyth’s first child.

The occupancy rate and revenue had doubled within a year. This success led to the creation of a partnership with development management firm Pindan.

In 2003, Forte Hospitality was formed.

Ms Forsyth is also the marketing director of the Busselton Chamber of Commerce.

Career guides

• Have a very strong work ethic and always strive for excellence in whatever you do.

• The belief that staff, through both training and support, should mirror her principles, and focus must be strong towards guests.

• Empathy is a very important element of hospitality and is a trait she has learnt and continues to develop in order to know what the customer, owner or employee needs.


Ms Forsyth hosted WA Tourism board of commissioners in 2000. She was the representation of Geographe Bay Tourism Association at the Australian Regional Tourism conference in Norfolk Island 2006.

She sponsored various causes such as WA Police & Youth Clubs, WA Farmers Federation and the community not-for-profit group Bare Naked Theatre.

Top tips

“Passion, partnership and perseverance.”


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