09/02/2018 - 12:18

Sky and Space sat-coms gets worldwide connectivity

09/02/2018 - 12:18


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Sky and Space Global’s successful testing of its Chatellite app has opened up a world of telecommunications options, including voice calls or text messages to any landline or mobile number on the planet. The company’s telco network has significantly expanded and will now be able to cover the four corners of the globe once its full-array of up to 200 nanosatellites have been launched into space orbit.

Sky and Space sat-coms gets worldwide connectivity

Sky and Space Global has significantly expanded its communication coverage to all four corners of the globe by successfully testing its miniature satellite-based telco network, which was able to make and receive calls from any landline or mobile number using the company’s “Chatellite app”.

In a market update this week, the satellite communication company said the software tests were able to generate a link to any public switched telephone network, or “PSTN” gateway.

Sky and Space Global is specifically aiming to make quality satellite communications available and more affordable to people in remote and regional areas with specific industries such as shipping and aviation also presenting as potential opportunities.

In June last year Sky and Space launched its first three pilot “nano-satellites” into space and the company is looking to catapult a full constellation of up to 200 units into orbit in due course, possibly as soon as 2020. The three miniature units became the first nano-satellites in history to make phone calls, instant messaging, data transfers and financial transactions from space.

In a recent market update, management said, “The successful results of this test demonstrate the capability of the SAS communications network to provide connectivity to any phone user on the planet once the full constellation of nanosatellites is up and running. This will enable SAS to broaden its service portfolio and deliver more competitive services to its customers.”

Sky and Space Global’s Chief Technical Officer, Meidad Pariente, added, “The SAS vision for connecting the unconnected has just become a step closer to reality. The endless innovation and hard work of our software development team, led by Mr Itamar Zabari, continually pushes us to achieve even more than we plan. We are fully committed to driving innovation in the satellite communications space and delivering more competitive services to our customers. But most importantly, we are excited about the opportunity to provide affordable connectivity to anyone, anywhere, anytime.”


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