30/01/2013 - 04:41

Reader Response - Jan 31 2013 edition

30/01/2013 - 04:41


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Reader Response - Jan 31 2013 edition

House price rise good if you own one

What would normally be considered some positive news on the property market attracted some contrary responses on our website: www.wabusinessnews.com.au

With regard to the article: ‘Perth median house price rises’ ...

INCREASING house prices in Perth is not a good thing because it makes it even more difficult to become an owner-occupier.

Why don’t newspapers and REIWA talk more about how we are all worse off when house prices rise. It’s a shame REIWA spends so much of its time praising house prices increases instead of condemning them.

Newspapers in Western Australia and the government hyper-inflate house prices more by reporting nothing but ‘positive’ news about the market.

I want to hear more about how international and intrastate migrants are pushing up house prices, how financiers are the real beneficiaries and are pushing up house prices, how newspapers are pushing up house prices by failing to report how it can be that house prices are so unaffordable in such a ‘rich’ country.

People shouldn’t be able to rent out a house unless they have built the thing themselves; why doesn’t the media talk to those who don’t have a vested interest in the market, rather than those from academia or REIWA, which is a real estate club with a self-interest in seeing house prices increase.

We need to hear more about what is and is not being done to make housing more affordable. At the end of the day, house prices need to fall by 35 per cent just to start to becoming affordable again.

A Stokes


REIWA is embarrassingly unreliable in its ‘reports’.

The reality is that house prices are generally in decline in Perth at the moment and rightly so after the absurd hike in prices since 2008. REIWA is a self interest group and its ‘data’ should be dismissed as such.

A Haines

Net benefit?

With regard to the article: ‘Perth leads house price recovery'..

OUR young folk will have even less chance of actually owning a home as prices lift further beyond reach. They will have to wait to inherit their parent's house, which is a sad state of affairs. Rising house prices don't make the country richer overall.

Peter Strachan

Secret’s out

With regard to the article: ‘WA suburbs in nation's top 50 property list'

OH dear ... our secret is out. Midland is such a great, safe place to live and the people are down to earth and friendly. I grew up here and came back (after 20 years working away) to raise my family here. It’s the same quiet, family and nature friendly environment where you can watch the world go by (if you live in the hills looking out at the city) without the stress of a huge mortgage and congestion.

Alex Atkins
Swan View


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