Port Bouvard lodges Gidgegannup plan

Port Bouvard has lodged its master plan for the Gidgegannup townsite with the City of Swan and the Western Australian Planning Commission following 18 months of planning and environmental investigations.


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Selective and incomplete consultation within the community. A couple of bush walks does not mean comprehensive environmental studies. As usual the dollar is the main theme with this proposal. Little consideration has been given to what the current residents of the area feel!!!! Stick to the coastal area P.B.

Port Bouvard are way out of line here. Primarily, there has been no consultation with the local community that has been an open forum with freedom of speech, with all residents free to attend. All meetings have been a one way farse where Port Bouvard told us what we will be getting. Residents of Gidgegannup live here for the rural lifestyle and do not want the urbanisation that Port Bouvard have told is in our best interest. Port Bouvard have paid three times the land value for their 483hectares, and can only return a profit through full urbanisation with lot sizes well below those suited to rural lifestyles and persuits. I wrote a personal letter to John Wroth in January asking Port Bouvard to plant trees this winter on their proposed land, as an improvement to the environment and also as an asset to the future residents, but I have not received a reply. I recently resent this letter via email to Port Bouvard and still no reply. Port Bouvard have no regard for the existing residents of Gidgegannup or the future conequences of their legacies on our community. Port Bouvard\'s comment that the NEHSPP(2002) sought a structure plan by 2003 are not true. The date \"2003\" appears nowhere in the NEHSPP, and in fact a structure plan in the form of the \"Gidgegannup Rural Strategy\" was released and endorsed in 2004. Port Bouvard have constantly ignored this document, as it reflects the true aspirations of the local community. Regards Chris Jackson

I like Gidgegannup the way it is. I enjoy the rural atmosphere and being surround by nature. I lived in Gidgeagannup for these reasons. I like having rain water to drink and do not like the scheme water that is not free and tastes terrible. If I wanted small parcels of land and scheme water and all those kinds of things then I would move down in to suburbia. Sharon

Port Bouvard Ltd has lodged its Master Plan for Gidgegannup this week,... “after 18 months of in-depth planning and environmental investigations” – Bull Sh*t. The Company was sucked into buying the overpriced land in Gidgegannup on the crest of the last great wave of property value – developers were falling over each other in the grab for dirt on the coastal plain when all they could do was chop blocks up into smaller and smaller sizes and “ pack ‘em in.” And councils were getting fat and giggly, too – what with all the extra ratepayers and all. Talkback radio and A Current Affair is full of calls - “Hey, what’s the cause of the increase in crime and antisocial behaviour in our suburbs?” - Can’t be the high density living - nah, and there’s no graffiti in Joondalup, no burnouts up the main drag in Brighton, and there’s no wheelie bin fires in Ellenbrook 3 nights a week either,... – like hell there’s not. It’s good to see developers have learnt from their mistakes of the past. Look at Brownlie Towers - what a successful experiment that was into high density housing. And didn’t there used to be an entire suburb called Lockridge? Quite a sales number was done on the exec.s at PBL, which resulted in them paying for land at highly inflated values. Pumping 6000 more people into Gidge would be a social disaster – stick to the Plan, Swan Council and WA Planning Commission. 2000 houses packed into the bush in the middle of Gidge, long hot summer, plenty of tinder dry fuel, 40kmh easterly blowing – nah, that won’t be problem. Look how well things went in Victoria earlier this year. PBL, you over capitalised when you bought the land in Gidge; either sit on it for 20 years until the land values catch up to the price you paid for it or cut your losses and get out. We in Gidge want development to compliment our community, this doesn’t include PBL’s version of Stratton dropped into the middle of Bunning Road.

Interesting that no reference is given to the "FACT" that Gidgegannup residents are against this development!! It is purely a money spinner for PB and they will do and say anything to get this through as they have already bought the land. A consultation with the community after you have bought the land!! Smacks of hypocrisy; it was and always has been going to go through; you do not spend that amount of money on land for development to not know that you will develop it. Typical underhanded money grabbing WA Inc style companies. We will be leaving the area once development starts!

By Friday afternoon this was not lodged with the City of Swan. From the word go, Port Bouvard are not telling the truth.

By Friday afternoon this was not lodged with the City of Swan. From the word go, Port Bouvard are not telling the truth.

I have to smile every time i see reference to port bouvards comprehensive program of community consultation where they have "interacted " with the gidgy community on 13 seperate occasions. what a crock. they have contiually attempted to divide the community by restricting access to the so called " information sessions" . this has been a tactic from the start where the company does not want to deal with a large group of concerned communty members,they would rather get a small group in a room then bombard them with propaganda and hope that they walk away either feeling all warm and fuzzy or totally confused . As for the much needed infrastructure (water etc)for the NE hills well this is only being provided to the bouvard development. and if it was so much needed how the hell have people and the community flourished in this are prior to port bouvard coming to the rescue. While the community respects the need for some townsite development it seems that port bouvard are keen to impose their own style onto an already healthy and happy community . unlike the previous sand dune developments where there was no existing community PEOPLE ALREADY LIVE HERE.

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