22/06/2022 - 17:52

Petition is more strife for Liberals

22/06/2022 - 17:52


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EXCLUSIVE: A petition has been started to rid the WA Liberal Party of "the clan".

Petition is more strife for Liberals
More internal strife for the Liberal Party. Photo: Gabriel Oliveira

The Liberal Party's controversial "clan" faction is the target of a petition launched by the daughter of former party stalwart Harold Clough.

Becky Clough is calling on members of the public to send a message to the Liberals ahead of next month's state conference.

She told Business News anyone worried about the lack of opposition in Western Australia should sign the change.org petition.

"So many people are pulling their hair out over being in a one party state," she said.

"Democracy needs an opposition and the only way is for the Liberal Party to reform."

The petition cites declining membership, a lack of money and ongoing reputational damage to the party.

"(The petition) calls on all Liberal Party members and delegates to the upcoming July 2022 state conference to support non-Clan candidates for office and effective constitutional reforms that will return the party to being a broad-based grassroots organisation that is electorally appealing and arguing for our core Liberal values," the petition reads. 

Constitutional changes will be considered at the conference, which include a plebiscite system for pre-selections.

After the 2021 state election wipeout reduced the Liberals to just two MPs in parliament's lower house, a review criticised the actions of the clan.

Hundreds of WhatsApp messages sent between the clan were made public causing even more division in the party.

"How can we get bright young candidates wanting to run when they know they can't get pre-selected," Mrs Clough said.

She said her father, who died earlier this year aged 95, would be disappointed with the state of the party.

Members of the clan have included upper house MPs Nick Goiran and Peter Collier.



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