24/03/2020 - 14:08

Online Learning Can Work if it is Designed for Gen Z

24/03/2020 - 14:08


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Lessons from Crimson Education, online learning experts. As the global pandemic COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has spread, the fast-growing virus has begun disrupting education, forcing schools to question how to best educate students remotely.

As the global pandemic COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has spread, the fast-growing virus has begun disrupting education, forcing schools to question how to best educate students remotely. 

Students and teachers around the country have been expressing their frustration with remote education and seeking guidance as to how digital learning can effectively replace the traditional classroom experience.

Crimson Education is an educational technology company that has successfully delivered online education to thousands of students since 2013, having held tens of thousands of video sessions with students of various high school ages. As such, they have perfected the art of engaging students with proven results.

With the spike of students needing to continue their learning online, Crimson’s co-founder, Jamie Beaton, shares his online learning secrets through three key tips: 

  1. Pair students with the right educator.  Unlike the traditional classroom situation where the teacher/student pairings /dynamics are dictated by student numbers and available staff, when you are learning remotely, the possibilities of teacher and tutor selection/pairings are endless. In other words, it is possible to source superior tutors who are not only experts in their areas of study, but also can be matched to your personal learning style.  Instead of being limited to the educator closest to you, you have the world at your fingertips to find the ideal match. It is critical to make sure students are paired with someone they will enjoy learning with. At Crimson, our   students are matched to tutors according to their academic level, personal passions and learning styles by a proprietary algorithm / personality test developed by Galen Buckwater, the data scientist behind eHarmony’s matching algorithm. The test takes place as soon as the student onboards with Crimson,  assuring a smooth and efficient start to their entire tutoring experience.

  2. Understand how Gen-Z communicates.  Communication styles are different with Gen Z, also known as “screenagers.”  They love to text and FaceTime... so shouldn’t education also match their preferred style of information gathering and exchange? Instead of forcing them to learn new platforms or older communication styles, Crimson uses their proprietary Crimson App as the central hub for all lesson communication and scheduling. The App mimics the  text messaging process with all sessions taking place one-on-one through video chat. By having a more familiar technology platform, students can dive right into education. Further, the app allows for constant and frequent parents communication as to the student’s progress.

  3. Keep students accountable. Finally, students learn best when they know they have set goals,  a level of accountability, and a clear understanding of what they need to get done between sessions. Crimson works to break down tasks into achievable goals over time.  The learning process is laid out clearly by date for each student and gives them the satisfaction to check off a task when completed. 

When online learning is designed to match what students need and respond to, it has a host of benefits.  It allows students to learn from top educators no matter where they are and at the times that are best for them.  It frees up parents from the burden of needing to drive their students everywhere. In short, it is game-changing, even without a global crisis to keep them in.


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