Moore River project gets approval

The state government has given conditional approval for the Plunkett family's proposed residential development at Moore River, north of Perth, but has substantially scaled down the size of the project.


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What is the plan of this government to improve our water supply. All the development of new houses etc. requires more and more water. Desalination is not enough, certainly not when we read that 50% of the Kwinana plant is lost through the antiquated pipe system. The Gascoyne River is not the only one that is an 'upside down' river. This means that there is no need for dams to be constructed, but the water can be pumped from the river bed, like in Carnarvon. Then pipe it down to Perth. The Kalgoorlie pipe was not paid for 'overnight'!! And what impact has that had on the area it runs through? Come on Mr. Barnett, be bold and have a go at it.

The Liberal Government are a bunch of environmental terrorists! We will fight you on the beaches and the riverfront.

I am appalled that the government will allow further development on the prisitne estuary of Moore River. The addition of 2,000 dwellings will place unbearable pressure on a river system that is already groaning under farm-derived pollution from upstream and existing unsewered dwellings in Guilderton. Additional population pressure will put at risk the fragile ecology which has so far managed to survive. No amount of setback or access restrictions will save this ecosystem from its inevitable fate of yet another Perth degraded habitat.

"This decision will allow future growth and investment throughout the district to proceed." Correction... this cash grabbing decision will destroy one of Western Australia's most beautiful and fragile waterways. There WILL be a fight!

We simply cannot allow development on such a unique nature reserve..... Short sightedness of this kind will prevent future generations of families enjoying what made Western Australia so fantastic.....Well done State Govt... the developers dollars are far more important than preserving our most beautiful areas for prosperity. Make the Moore River Estuary an A Class reserve, as should have happened years ago. Maybe your thoughts are that there are such an abundance of these pristine areas that we can simply afford to ruin this one by pouring concrete all over the sand dunes? How can one developer's business interests possibly be more important than a lost opportunity for every single Australian in the future?

Mt Lawley
In one foul decision, the Barnett Government has shown itself to be a government without principles. It has shown itself to be a government prepared to ride roughshod over due process, a government incapable of adhering to sensible, sustainable planning decisions. This decision overturns the outcome of the Gingin Coast Structure Plan process, which involved extensive consultation with all stakeholders - the community, business and government. Importantly, the GCSP outcome was strongly supported by Minister Day\'s own department. Sadly, the Barnett Government\'s decision champions the cause of corruption dating back to 1995 - corruption at both a Local and State government level. The original 1995 decision to rezone the land from rural to urban was taken without due process and was simply a payback by the Court government for past favours. Messrs Barnett and Day show themselves to be environmental vandals, incapable of acting in the conservation, recreation and tourism interests of Moore River estuary and Guilderton as an iconic WA holiday destination. Their decision is in insult to the wider Western Australian community that voted so overwhelmingly against this most inappropropriate of urban developments.

Perth / Guilderton
What is the point of having due process, which HAS been happening for the last 10+ years, and HAS resulted in the developer's plans being rejected by the State Administrative Tribunal on almost every conceivable ground, and now being in the court of appeal? This "Minister" has just displayed contempt for the very systems put in place to protect our, and our children's futures.

The liberal party mantra. "If it moves shoot it, if it doesnt, chop it down. If you cant chop it down dig it up and send it to China" With this sort of environmental vandalism there will plenty of seats in government up for grabs in the next electiion. Mr Barnett, watch out.

South Perth
How does a 'scaled down' development in isolation on the South side of the river enable the the township of Guilderton (on the North side!) and the surrounding rural estates to grow to a size that attracts a primary school, and shopping and community facilities. The Government is simply folding to business pressure against the wishes of the local community and environmental sensitivities of the area. Let Plunketts develop the area North of the Township with a simple land swap that will give protection to this unique area.

Greater Perth needs to stop at Yanchep, with a buffer zone to the north. This means at least a Regional Park from Yanchep to the south bank of the Moore River. Develop north certainly but the Moore River cannot stand any more pressure closer than that. Let's bequeath the next generation of West Aussies something worth having, rather than just more riches for the Plunkett family. We must now correct past mistakes rather than compound them, in giving Plunkett's plans approval. The Libs may be too ideologically bound to do the 'right thing', but the rest of us won't give up.

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