Lion to shut Swan Brewery, import SA beer

Japanese brewing giant Lion has announced it will shut down its Swan Brewery in Canning Vale, with at least 80 workers set to lose their jobs.


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How the mighty have fallen, from complete dominance to irrelevance in 30 years. We drink more beer than ever over a wider socioeconomic spread and we have never had so much choice. Its all a reflection on changing tastes and not being able to change course. In another 10 years the brand probably wont exist at all.

West Perth
How can it be the same recipe with Adelaide water?

WA, of course.
Is nothing sacred?

May have to rebrand as SN Brewery now that the WA bit is being removed. As a qualified beer taster, the taste profile of beer transported across the nullabor in non-refrigerated transport is significant. The taste will not be the same, with more taste faults during the hotter months when consumption should be at its peak. Brand damage will be significant.

This has been happening in Australia and places like the UK over the years, the beer never tastes the same and the brands become bland. However, the goods news is mini breweries then start up locally and for a few years we can drink some decent beer, until the big boys buy them up and the cycle starts again, although there is an increase in "real ale" sales in the UK because all mass produced beer taste the same. Sadly, Little Creatures will probably go the same way!

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