Grubs Up founder Paula Pownall says her plan was to start selling into the human food market.

Insect protein just not cricket(s), yet

The production of crickets for human and animal consumption could be a fresh frontier for Western Australia’s agribusiness industry, if a Pinjarra-based small business fulfils its potential.


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Mandurah Western Australia
Congratulations Business News, you have stumbled upon one of the new world's great pioneers, Paula Pownall. I look forward to hearing of many more advances in food technologies that originate from our ecology. Nothing is either good, or bad, only thinking makes it so, and if you think crickets are too "yuck" to eat, check out what is going into your stomachs right now. Paula has set an amazing pace by belief, expectation and mighty effort. In my opinion, she is one of Australia great business success stories and there's more to come. Like Grubs Up and follow her.

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