Renae Bunster (above) says Rafael Kimberley-Bowen has already had a big impact on her company. Photo: Gabriel Oliveira

Hot prospects for Bunsters

One of Perth’s sauciest companies is seeking a $5 million valuation with a hand from the Perth Angels.


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Maplewood Minnesota
Bunsters Hot Sauce will one day be referenced as the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T.) in the hot sauce lexicon. This is not hyperbole.

South Dakota
This ain’t your grandpa’s hot sauce; no dehydrated ingredients with water and vinegar. Busters is the real deal. The ingredients are fresh and give Busters deliciousness. This unique and flavoursome hot sauce has me putting it on things I would never normally put hot sauce on. You simply must try this culinary-life-changing sauce.

I've got Bunsters in my fridge - it's a bit different to what I've tried before but in a very good way. I love it.

Bunsters hot sauce is one of the best hot sauces I have ever experienced; it has a nice flavour to it and not just a burn.

I put Bunsters hot sauce on nearly everything I eat during winter. Even a little bit with vanilla bean ice cream. 12/10 is my perfect range of heat as the Black Label is too powerful. I can't wait to try Posh BBQ.

In Arizona, Mexican Food can be a substantial part of restaurant menu lists. Sauces can be as different as menu items. For consistency, I bring my own Bunsters hot sauce. I do not share.....

Bunsters hot sauce is definitely one of the best I have tasted and has become a staple condiment in our household, it’s a must.

Westland, MI USA
Bunsters has been a favourite hot sauce of my son for a few years now. He first ordered it direct and it was worth the wait for it to ship out to the US. He orders it regularly and loves every drop! So glad this amazing company is getting the exposure it deserves.

This company is a winner with hot sauce!

Carlsbad California
Bunsters is stuff of legend. A hot sauce that has more flavour than any other. And their social media is hilarious. Check them out.

In Germany, we love Bunsters Hot Sauce. It's even better here, because we have to pay more taxes for the import (more expensive = more delicious) and wait weeks for the delivery (man, we're always looking forward to its arrival). Seriously, it's the hot sauce and it perfectly fits every meal.

Bunsters is one of the best sauces I've ever tried. I would recommend them for all dishes. Please give them a try.

Port kennedy
Bunsters hot sauce is the hottest saucy saucy. Its WA in a bottle.

New Jersey, USA
This hot sauce is the bombdiggaty dog.

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