07/01/2021 - 14:30

Don't get complacent: McGowan

07/01/2021 - 14:30


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Premier Mark McGowan has urged frontline workers not to get complacent ahead of a review into safety protocol breaches that saw three people quarantined.

Premier Mark McGowan urges frontline workers not to be complacent amid protocol breaches. Photograph: Gabriel Oliveira.

Premier Mark McGowan has urged frontline workers not to get complacent ahead of a review into a series of COVID-19 safety protocol breaches that saw three workers forced into hotel quarantine.

Earlier this week it was revealed that a paramedic and a nurse had been placed into quarantine for allegedly failing to maintain a reasonable distance and wear appropriate protective equipment from a returned traveler displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

Another frontline worker has also been placed in quarantine over a suspected breach.

According to the state government, health authorities have given absolute assurance that the breaches did not present a threat to the broader WA community.

During a press conference earlier today, Premier Mark McGowan said that he was shocked and flabbergasted by the incidents and confirmed a review would be conducted and those involved interviewed.

“Clearly, there is complacency and mistakes have been made,” he said.

“We were disappointed and, in fact, I was shocked.

“This was an event that I was flabbergasted by and I have advised the Health Department of that.

“We’re doing a full review on this.

“Our staff have done a great job over a long period of time, but clearly there is complacency.

“There must be complacency creeping in or else this wouldn’t have happened.

“I would urge all staff not to get complacent, because we’re not out of the woods yet.

“Listen to the advice and do the right thing by your fellow workers, your family and your community.

“We have seen outbreaks occur across the world with staff who work in quarantine hotels and those sorts of facilities and we don’t want to see that here.”

Mr McGowan is expected to join other members of national cabinet tomorrow morning to consider a proposal by the chief medical officer to strengthen the COVID safety of international travel processes.


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