20/02/2007 - 22:00

Debbie Morrow - Woodside Energy

20/02/2007 - 22:00


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Debbie Morrow - Woodside Energy

Title: Project manager

Business: Oil and gas exploration

Total employees: 200

Reporting directly: 8



As project manager for Woodside’s oil and gas exploration programs, Debbie Morrow says her most significant achievement to date was delivery of the start-up, and the subsequent successful performance, of the converted T200 production train on the Goodwyn Alpha Platform.

Ms Morrow worked on this project four years, and was required to deal with a range of major unplanned disruptions.

Despite these challenges, the project team delivered start-up and commissioning on schedule. She says that, on a professional level, her major career challenges have related to gender and recognition of skills qualification.

On a personal level, her biggest challenge has been dealing with inflammatory arthritis.

Career guides

• Ms Morrow considers delivery on promises non-negotiable and accepts full accountability for her actions and those of her team.

• Project success is about teamwork and relationships with those internal to the project.


Ms Morrow holds a bachelor of business (ECU) and is member of the Golden Key Society.

Through her involvement with Woodside, Ms Morrow has participated in a program called ‘Making the Difference’ in the community, which supports various community sectors through a series of monthy initiatives. The project team has raised significant amounts for various charities.

She has also been involved in various programs relating to arthritis.

Top tips

“Think big and your deeds will grow, think small and you will fall behind, think you can and you will; it is all in the state of mind.”


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