20/02/2007 - 22:00

Craig Sadler - Marketforce exPress

20/02/2007 - 22:00


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Craig Sadler - Marketforce exPress

Title: General manager

Business: Non-campaign advertising specialist

Total employees: 30

Reporting directly: 30



Craig Sadler took over the reins at Marketforce productions (MfP) in April 1997. As a new director in the non-campaign advertising sector, he was faced with a business that was less than 12 months old, losing money and struggling to bed down a government contract process that was unfamiliar to the majority of its 95 staff.

Mr Sadler says that, over the past decade, enhancing the systems and procedures, and building a strong team, has allowed MfP to become self-sufficient.

Career guides

• Staff are a significant aspect of any business. In a service industry, they are how your client judges your performance and can make or break a business relationship.

• One of the most important things is to give the staff a say in how the business operates; to provide them with a sense of ownership of the workplace and therefore a desire to succeed.


Mr Sadler is very focused on his children and the school community, spending time working on specific projects.

On a business level, he has been involved the WA Local Government Association’s fundraising efforts for regional health services through a project called Rambo the Ambo. This involved working with the project team to co-ordinate the marketing required for the project.

Top tips

“A good leader always surrounds himself with great managers, is enthusiastic and always remembers where they came from and the lessons they have learnt.”


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