20/02/2007 - 22:00

Christian Lange - Neptune Marine Services Ltd

20/02/2007 - 22:00


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Christian Lange - Neptune Marine Services Ltd

Title: Managing director

Business: Engineering services

Total employees: 20

Reporting directly: 20



Christian Lange’s most significant business achievement was the transformation of Neptune Marine Services from a single technology focused business to an integrated engineering and services business within 12 months.

NMS was founded and floated on the strength of an industrial technology that had been patented in Asia and Australia, with patents pending for the US and the EU. Beset with management problems and low operating revenue, the board appointed Mr Lange to retrieve the situation.

Mr Lange joined NMS with a clear mandate – to rescue and reinvent the business.

By carrying out his strategy for growth, NMS has already made two acquisitions that have expanded the business’s geographical footprint and enhance its service capabilities.

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• A belief in an inclusive approach to management. Team members always respond when given authority, responsibility and encouragement.

• Let your values guide your actions and be the tenets by which you are measured.

• Leadership, quality, honesty and respect.


Mr Lange holds an MBA from Curtin University.

He has been invited to speak at Curtin University and New York University on ‘corporate social responsibility’, and at the 2007 Innovation Investment Conference.

Mr Lange is member of The Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Petroleum Investment Relations Association, and is a mentor for Young Australian Professionals in America.

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