16/03/2020 - 15:57

A message from Business News

16/03/2020 - 15:57


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Business News has one aim, to provide Western Australians with vital intelligence.

A message from Business News
Business News chief executive Charles Kobelke (third from left) and his leadership team.

Business News has one aim, to provide Western Australians with vital intelligence.

Business News has been a trusted source for quality news and information about commerce and industry in Western Australia for more than 26 years. We empower businesses across the whole state with critical information, timely analysis and the ability to connect; enabling our subscribers, clients and readers to make well informed commercial decisions.

We don’t take that responsibility lightly. Our team will continue searching for information from credible sources providing balanced news that you can trust.

In these unprecedented times our editorial team are closely monitoring advice from public health authorities and government agencies on COVID-19. To ensure that the whole community is able to access the most up to date information, all our coverage on the topic of COVID-19 (see Tab above) is free to read and share.

The message from Business News is to be prepared not alarmed, stay informed and fight misinformation.

WA businesses have proven over the years how resilient we are and that we face adversity head on. We all provide goods and services that are needed, that’s why we are in business. But, for most of us, at some point over the coming weeks and months how we do that will need to change. WA businesses need to make prudent choices to protect the health of the community that we belong to, without creating unnecessary disruption to the normal pursuit of business productivity.

We will continue to update you with all news and analysis of the WA business community and economy.

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