Well @ Work Corporate Advertising

The Well@Work Guide was created to bring a higher profile to corporate health and to educate the corporate market. It is designed to be inspiring and motivating. It will highlight companies that promote health and wellness. The Well@Work Guide will be a comprehensive handbook that identifies trends as well as new information that will be valuable to employers. Advertising in the Well@Work Guide will increase brand awareness and by supporting the guide, you are directly assisting the promotion of health and wellness within the corporate community.

Why advertise in the Well@Work guide?

Supporting the Well@Work guide will:
  • Demonstrate leadership in a highly relevant segment
  • Provide brand exposure to the readership of Business News
  • Create an opportunity to strengthen relationships with customers, shareholders, opinion leaders and other key influences
  • Provide continuous brand visibility and exposure to a highly affluent audience for 12 months
  • Link your own current corporate campaign with a broad, sophisticated audience.
  • Align your branch with the respected Business News values and attributes
  • Provide opportunity to be featured in the publication’s e-Edition

Purchase options

Full page (5mm bleed)

210 (w) x 280mm (h)
$3,500 excl GST

Half page horizontal

180 (w) x 120mm (h)
$2,128 excl GST

Quarter page

85 (w) x 120mm (h)
$1,196 excl GST

Full page (no bleed)

180 (w) x 250mm (h)
$3,500 excl GST

Half page vertical

85 (w) x 250mm (h)
$2,128 excl GST

Directory Listing

$200 excl GST

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