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Publicise your company announcements through our trusted brand using platforms produced by Business News, the most business-focused of any local media outlet, including on our high traffic website and through our well-read emails.

The Business News Announcements package includes:

  • Your announcement published on immediately after approval (Monday-Friday) and archived on our site.
  • Your announcement headline sent in our daily email (see example DBA - opens in new window).
  • Your announcement featured on the BN Announcements category page of our website as well as your Data & Insights profile page.
  • A photo, approximately 500 words of text, social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and the benefit of the search engine optimisation used by Business News to push results on Google.
  • Post your announcement unfiltered direct to your organisation's Data & Insights profile page and the Business News website. A simple approval process only vets content for legal reasons (with some very minor content constraints), not on the newsworthiness of your release.

Obviously the best time to use Business News Announcements is when you have something new to say, be it an appointment, product launch, deal, update or development. The fresher the news the better.

Once you have submitted your announcement and paid the fee there will be an approval process to ensure that Business News accepts the content on its site. Please allow up to 24 hours for that to occur during the working week.

Once approved it will go out on the next available email.

You can go to your organisation's Data & Insights profile page or the BN Announcements category page to view the release and share it on social media.

If you encounter a problem submitting this form or have any questions regarding this service please call us on 08 9288 2100

Producing a great press release

Rule 1: Great headlines make you want to read more
Keep your headline simple and short; use action verbs and clear language to focus reader attention. It is just one line, but it is important.

Rule 2: Make the first paragraph a succinct summary
The first paragraph of your release should cover the who, what, why, where, and how of your new appointment, product launch, a deal , update, or development. There shouldn't be any new, crucial information covered after this section that the reader could potentially miss.

Rule 3: Size doesn’t win readers
Keep the rest of the press release short. The equivalent of one A4 page ought to do it. If they want more, direct them to your website. Put the most important information at the top and trickle your way down to the least vital.

Rule 4: Provide valuable background information
At the end, add a brief biography of your business to provide context beyond the more specific detail in the release. Describe what your company does in clear, plain English.

Rule 5: Give the reader someone to turn to
Name the person who readers ought to go to for more information. Provide contact details for that person or, at the very least, highlight your website where such information can be found.

Upload your press release

Add Company
Provide some information about the company. For example, what are the activities of the business and what industries does it operate in? This text may be edited by our research team.

Your details
Please complete your details below, these will be used for generating and sending you the tax invoice.

Complete your article details below, only plain text is accepted, no HTML. The article image must be exactly 1440 x 960 pixels in size, you may need to resize or crop your image to meet these specifications.

If you do not have an image editing program you can use Canva, a free online photo editor.

By uploading the image you declare you have the right to use it and the right to grant a worldwide licence to Business News, permitting us to publish, reproduce, distribute, display and store the image. If photographer or source credit is required you must include it at the end of the article image caption.

Enter an introduction or summary for your announcement. This will be used on the BN Announcements category page.
Image must be exactly 1440x960 pixels.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg.
Enter the caption to appear below the image. Photographer or source credit should go at the end of the caption (e.g. Photo: John Citizen).
Would you like to be contacted regarding having this published as an advertorial in the printed edition of Business News?

Press release uploads cost $600 ex GST.

Accepted payment types
Visa, Mastercard, AMEX

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