Wayne Swan

Cash flow king in small business package

The federal government has adopted a Keynesian-style stimulus policy with its new temporary instant asset write-off, moving cash flows for small businesses forward and recouping the revenue in later budgets.

Pontifex appointed OECD ambassador

Premier Colin Barnett will be looking for a new chief of staff now that Brian Pontifex has been appointed as Australia's next ambassador and permanent representative to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris.

Abbott, Hockey’s mañana moment

The Abbott government has put off making the really tough decisions in its first budget.

NT tax breaks plan beggars belief

Kevin Rudd’s ‘tax breaks for the Territory’ plan has a strong similarity to a proposal by Gina Rinehart that was ridiculed by Labor.

Supporting cast in a global game

The degree to which we, in Australia, control our economic destiny is exaggerated.

Time to give away the crystal ball

WHAT do you call a person who makes the same mistake year after year? ‘Fool’ is one suggestion, and it seems the same description certainly applies to governments.

Howard defends family tax handouts

Former prime minister John Howard has defended his government’s introduction of the baby bonus, saying the tax system should recognise the costs associated with raising children.

Is everyone sick of the budget? I am

LET’S face it, government budgets lost meaning a long time ago – at least as a kind of one-off announcement where everyone held their breath to see how they were affected.

Tale of two budgets

RARELY do two budgets – Tuesday’s federal budget, which was the last before an election, and the August state budget, which will be the first after an election – send such conflicting messages.

Government credibility crisis

There are plenty of theories floating around today as to why the Australian Government has failed so badly at managing its finances but behind the politics is a simple fact; it has never understood that business creates wealth and jobs, not government.

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Business facing $10bn tax hit to save surplus

The federal government is planning to raise an extra $10 billion from the business sector through new tax measures announced today in response to a sharp deterioration in its budget outlook.

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Lenders’ caution hurting business

Four years on from the collapse of Lehman Bros, it is disturbing to realise the finance sector has reverted to tight credit conditions akin to the GFC.

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Rinehart comments an 'insult': Swan

Treasurer Wayne Swan has slammed mining magnate Gina Rinehart for insulting Australian workers after she called for a cut to the minimum wage and accused people of being jealous of the wealthy.

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Mixed messages mar investment moves

Inconsistent government policy regarding foreign investment is hurting a range of industries.

Ideology driven by personal experiences

Both Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan cite their fathers as major influences on their political beliefs.

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FMG fights MRRT in court, media

Andrew Forrest has stepped up his battle with the federal government over the mining tax by releasing details of a compromise package he says was negotiated with former prime minister Kevin Rudd.

Labor’s ‘socialist’ model spells poll doom

Canberra has ‘plagiarised’ a successful Queensland development approach.