Penny Wong

Direct Action white paper released

The federal government has announced it will spend an extra $1 billion on its Emissions Reduction Fund to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but has failed to reveal what penalties will apply to companies that don’t comply.

Today's Video News

Business News for Western Australia. Thursday August 1. Shanna Crispin reports. Office vacancy rate increases. Perth house prices take a slight fall. Strike Energy raises $9.2 million and more.

Spinning out of orbit on climate

The voices of dissent over what’s accepted as climate science are getting louder.

Wong shuts down Rio's nuclear power push

The federal government has quashed Rio Tinto's push for the government to consider nuclear power as a way to meet climate change targets.

ETS will not stymie growth: Swan, Wong

Early action to tackle climate change will reduce gross national product by just a tenth of a per cent a year, with the economy continuing to grow strongly, the federal government says.