Maredi Mphahlele

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Maredi Mphahlele
Maredi Mphahlele is the managing director of Nkwe Platinum. Mr Mphahlele has previously worked for the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa as a business analyst, and prior to that for De Beers Consolidated Mines (Premier Mine), where he was involved in ore deposit viability evaluations, mining grade optimisation and mine planning. Mr Mphahlele sits on the boards of various engineering and trading companies, including Zytech-Valvestock (Pty) Ltd (a subsidiary of the large US based valve company Zytech, which supplies petrochemical valves to Sasol, Engen, Caltex, Fluor Daniels etc), Klerksdorp Mining Suppliers (Pty) Ltd (supplier of consumables / screening equipment to gold, platinum and chrome mines), and Ixia Trading (a junior platinum mining company). He is also a member of the business advisory team that is tasked with implementing industrial, agricultural and mining businesses for the Mphahlele area in Limpopo province in northern South Africa.

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Maredi Mphahlele
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Executive Director, NKWE Platinum30 Jun 2020


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