Barack Obama

Threat requires political leadership

The lack of a political plan to confront emerging terrorist threats is a grave concern for Australia.

Wrong call on spy claims

The media’s sanctimonious approach by some media to the phone-tapping allegations is a bit rich.

How will you be paying for that?

The ability to pay for the needs of our ageing population will be a test of the Abbott government, and all those after it.

Social media for reflection, not connection

The heart of building an online social community is to recognise the 'showcasing' potential of the medium.

Today's Business Headlines

Obama grabs second chance – The Fin; Labor takes aim at power bills – The Aus; Last stand for Retravision – The West; Coalition to seek mine tax estimates – The Fin; Labour shortage concerns ease – The West

Obama re-elected for second term

Republican challenger Mitt Romney has conceded the United States Presidential election to Democratic incumbent Barack Obama.

Gillard should cease her phoney excuses

The PM cannot keep relying on the fact she is a single woman, an atheist and childless to help her discount her political woes.

Today's Business Headlines

Obama's Asia-Pacific doctrine – The Fin; Crisis gives BHP outlook a bleak tinge – The Aus; PM left Rudd out of uranium loop – The Fin; Unionist's entry permit bid fails – The West; FIRB ultimatum adds to miner's turmoil – The West

Today's Business Headlines

Carbon tax threatens green cash – The Fin; Investors brace for eurozone failure – The Aus; Inpex puts Ichthys licence push on ice – The West; Ferguson widens rift with Greens – The Aus; States in danger over work safety – The Fin

Sealing the deal

BARACK Obama made the sale. Sixty three million people were sold on his potential ability to lead and govern. And they did so without the benefit of actually seeing what he will do.

Will the real Obama stand up?

ONE thing seems guaranteed - the Democratic Party in the US can be relied on to field idiosyncratic candidates for the presidency.

Obama wins US presidential race

Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama is set to become the first black president of the United States, as Republican John McCain concedes defeat.