Foreign capital boosts growth

SPECIAL REPORT: Mitsui & Company, Shell and Itochu Corporation are among a swag of businesses that have made substantial investments in the state’s exporting industries over the decades, showing that foreign investors can contribute without directly operating assets.

Iron ore will continue to drive performance

Business News' annual export review charts the state’s reliance on a handful of major companies and commodities, despite the emergence of new players.

New buds amid Sino slowdown

A moderation in the growth of China's economy has sharpened the focus on trade opportunities beyond the mining and resources sector.

Production potential hinging on Oakajee

MID West iron ore projects have the potential to produce 67 million tonnes of iron ore per year, earning the state annualised royalties in the range of $42 million. 

Mature engagement vital as China trade develops

The nature of doing business with China is changing as our economies become more enmeshed.

Uncertain investment environment puts pressure on local and multinational players

AS the world enters its fifth year of economic turbulence and even the best-insulated businesses in Western Australia are being affected, the factors that determine business influence in this state ar

Tale of two ports highlights the politics of infrastructure

Ports such as Fremantle and Oakajee are vital, yet problematic, for the state’s development.

Brockman, Sinosteel sign offtake deal

Shares in Brockman Resources were higher after the company signed a non-binding agreement with China's Sinosteel for the purchase of ore from Marillana ore project in the Pilbara, and possible investment opportunities.

Dealmakers ponder life after the crisis

It is not that Perth dealmakers are joining the dole queues, they have just had a little more time on their hands recently.

Sinosteel lifts Murchison interest

Chinese company Sinosteel has formally become a substantial holder in Mid West iron ore miner Murchison Metals.

Harbinger accepts Sinosteel offer

The last major hurdle for full control of iron ore miner Midwest Corporation Ltd has fallen as US investment bank Harbinger Capital pockets $224 million from Sinosteel's takeover offer.

Harbinger hurdle in Midwest takeover

Two major shareholders in Western Australian iron ore miner Midwest Corporation Ltd have accepted the takeover offer from Chinese steelmaker Sinosteel, giving the bidder more than 82 per cent acceptances of its bid.

Sinosteel tightens grip on Midwest Corp

Chinese company Sinosteel Corporation has today emerged with a 70.2 per cent holding in takeover target Midwest Corporation Ltd following yesterday's surprise acceptance by former suitor Murchison Metals Ltd.

Sinosteel sets precedent

Following Chinese steel company Sinosteel's announcement that it had secured majority control in iron ore miner Midwest Corporation last week, questions have been raised regarding the potential of future acquisitions of WA mining companies.

Panel rules in Sinosteel favour

The Takeovers Panel has ruled that Harbinger Capital Partners will not be allowed to vote with its 4.27 per cent interest in takeover target Midwest Corporation Ltd while a bid by Chinese steelmaker Sinosteel is active.

Sinosteel questions Midwest merger

Chinese steel making giant Sinosteel has indicated it may not support the proposed merger between takeover target Midwest Corporation Ltd and Murchison Metals Ltd as questions are raised over the latter's asset quality.

Midwest share grab breach: Sinosteel

The takeover saga surrounding Midwest Corporation Ltd has taken another turn today as Chinese bidder Sinosteel seeks orders from the Takeovers Panel to prevent Murchison Metals Ltd and US company Harbinger capital from acquiring any more shares.

Sinosteel amends $1.4bn Midwest offer

Chinese steel maker Sinosteel Corporation has declared its $1.36 billion takeover offer for iron ore miner Midwest Corporation Ltd unconditional.

Sinosteel turns up the heat on Midwest

China's Sinosteel has turned up the heat on its takeover target Midwest Corporation Ltd which today announced it was withdrawing a potentially lucrative proposal to grant options to its non executive directors.

Monaro signs MoU on uranium with Sinosteel

Monaro Mining NL has signed an agreement with China's Sinosteel Corporation to assess and develop the West Perth-based company's uranium projects in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Sinosteel proposes $1.19b Midwest takeover

Chinese steelmaker Sinosteel is proposing a cash takeover offer for iron ore miner Midwest Corporation Ltd that values the target at $5.60 per share, well above Murchison Metals Ltd's floundering scrip offer.

Sinosteel looking to spend

The door to billions of investment dollars from China’s second largest iron ore trader, Sinosteel Corp, is open to Western Australian miners and explorers as the company’s quest to secure long-term supplies gathers momentum.