Palmer United Party

PUP moulded in Palmer’s image

Australian politics has never seen anything like the Palmer United Party, a strange concoction of a family company mixed with a fan club.

Piper Palmer plays to the crowd

The first two weeks of sittings by the new Senate have only added to the uncertainty surrounding the government’s legislative agenda.

Palmer lets ‘team business’ down

The Palmer United Party is proving that success in business doesn’t equal sense in politics.

Business, politics as close as ever

Consumer behaviour plays out in business much as it does in the political sphere.

Is Palmer a real climate convert?

The appearance of mining magnate Clive Palmer with climate campaigner Al Gore in federal parliament’s great hall still has many scratching their heads.

Important Senate poll looms

Western Australian voters will return to the polls tomorrow for a Senate election re-run which could have major consequences for the federal government’s legislative agenda.

Preference system needs overhaul

There’s an easy fix for the busted Senate preference system currently in operation, but little political will to take the first step.

Electorate sold a PUP at 2013 poll

Clive Palmer and his troops need to get down to work if PUP is to be anything other than a party of protest.