Want the sale? Start at the top

Anyone who hasn’t been to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City is missing an exceptional experience and an incredible lesson in sales.

nearmap targets mining and rail

Google Maps competitor nearmap launched its first product aimed at businesses in mining, rail and ports today.

The world’s there for the taking

Is your business making the most of the opportunities presented by Google, and if not, why not?

nearmap signs Google Maps deal

Perth-based mapping services firm nearmap has bolstered its content offering, signing a commercial licence agreement to incorporate Google Maps into its products.

Millions spent on patient data

Improving the flow of medical data is at the forefront of three technology projects aiming to reduce health-care demand.

Getting out there on Google

Businesses with a clear strategy to optimise their presence on Google are those most likely to succeed.

Facebook, Linkedin ahead of Twitter

Australian’s are increasing their social media presence and reach, according to a study on the nation’s social media habits.

Could the US be the next ‘tiger’?

The big moves in currency markets over the past week have only a little to do with developments in Australia and a lot to do with the US.

WA Business News website security

Between the 7th and 9th of April the WA Business News website was flagged by Google as containing malicious code. 

Fewer mistakes means more sales

THINK about the last 25 sales you didn’t make.What happened?Why didn’t you make them?Did you study the problem, or just blame the symptoms?Symptoms like: couldn’t get an appointment;

Independents fly the flag for client service

Online bookings have provided travel agents with an enormous challenge.

Microsoft-Yahoo alliance wins approval

Microsoft and Yahoo have won clearance from the US Department of Justice and the European Commission to implement their internet search alliance, which the companies hope will be a challenger to market leader Google.

Google in online space

THE real estate industry was an early engager of the burgeoning online sector when readership figures for traditional print mediums began to decline.

Perth to lead Australia in latest Google technology

Perth will be the first Australian city to access Google Transit, an online mapping site available within weeks, which will enable people to look up travel directions and businesses listings in the area.

New Google site for WA

SEARCHING for a local business on the internet is set to become much easier, with a new Google search engine purely for Western Australia.