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NEW ROLE: Craig Bydder, Solicitor General, WA14 Nov 2023
Ali Martin
NEW ROLE: Ali Martin, Digital Transformation Lead, Office of Digital Government31 Jul 2023
UPDATED: State Government Departments list23 Jun 2023
Jean Perkins
NEW ROLE: Jean Perkins, Principal Project Coordinator, Executive Government Services15 Jun 2023
Chris Clark
NEW ROLE: Chris Clark, Deputy Director General, Infrastructure, Economy and the Environment12 Jun 2023
Damien Stewart
NEW ROLE: Damien Stewart, Assistant Director General, State Services12 Jun 2023
Amanda Pickrell
NEW ROLE: Amanda Pickrell, Deputy Director General, Intergovernmental Relations and Strategic Priorities12 Jun 2023
Fiona Hunt
NEW ROLE: Fiona Hunt, Deputy Director General, Aboriginal Engagement and Community Policy12 Jun 2023
NEW ROLE: Amy McKenna, Senior Policy Advisor12 Jun 2023
NEW ROLE: Neil Fergus, Special Advisor to Premier Roger Cook12 Jun 2023

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