Department of the Attorney General

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Article Timeline

Past People

NamePositionYear StartedYear Ended
Joanne Stampalia Director19982018
Adam Tomison Director General20162017
Michael Mischin Attorney General20122017
Brett Burns Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages2017
Duska Separovic Manager, Management Assurance2017
Emily Roper Director, Communications Security & Cybercrime20162017
Brian Roche Public Trustee20112017
Paul Evans State Solicitor, WA20112017
Mark Hainsworth Manager, Advisory Services20072017
Bob Taddeo Director, Policy & Aboriginal Services2017
Pauline Bagdonavicius A/Director General20162016
Cheryl Gwilliam Director General20072016
Emma Johnson Director, Advisory, Risk & Operations20062016
Emily Roper Director, Strategic Policy20132015
Genevieve Howe Administrative Assistant20132015
Emily Roper Assistant Secretary20122015
Emily Roper Head, Contestability Review Taskforce20152015
Ray Warnes Executive Director, Court & Tribunal Services20042015
Walter Munyard Parliamentary Counsel2015
Beth Parker Senior Secretary20122014
Emily Roper Director, International Crime Cooperation Division20072013
Gavin Hogg Business Performance Analyst20132013
Gavin Hogg Court Risk Assessment Officer20112013
Emma Jarvis Child Witness Service20082012
Amanda Alderson Manager, Financial Policy & Reporting20072012
Jonathon Woolfrey Director, Strategic Human Resources20092012
Stephen Fewster Director, Security20052012
Gary Hamley Executive Director, Native Title2011
Karen Ho Policy, Aboriginal Services2011
John Skinner Public Trustee, WA20062011
Gordon Cole Manager, Aboriginal Justice Agreement20072010
Sebastian Andre Trust Manager, The Public Trustee20092010
Shonelle Duthie Judge's Associate20082010
Amanda Danti Legal Officer20072009
Laura Dawson Strategic Planner20092009
Rishelle Hume Project Implementation Manager, AJA20072009
Sabina Schlink Member of Working Party20032008
Chris Penwald Manager, Planning & Performance20042008
Richard Gell Director, Shared Information Services20072008
Amanda Gadsdon Business Manager20062007
Amanda Alderson Manager, Financial Accounting20042006
Andrew Crean Acting Principal Legal Officer20042006
Paul Isaachsen Research Officer20022004
Joanne Stampalia Audit Manager19871995
David Black Systems Programmer, Data Centre Manager19901993
Bill Hewitt Executive Director, Corporate Services
Richard Goodwin Manager, Public Affairs
Danny Cloghan Chief of Staff


The Department of the Attorney General (responsible to the Attorney General) provides the following services to the State Government and people of Western Australia:
- the administration of courts, tribunals and boards
- the registration of births, deaths, marriages and changes of name
- advocacy, guardianship and administration services
- trustee services
- legal, legislative drafting, policy and multi-agency coordination for government

On 1 July 2017, the Department of the Attorney General amalgamated with the Department of Corrective Services to form the new Department of Justice.
Biography last updated 21 Aug 2019