Department of Water

The Atrium, 168 St Georges Terrace, PERTH, 6000
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Past Employees

NamePositionYear StartedYear Ended
Mia Davies Minister for Water20132017
Geoff Gilbert Executive Director, Corporate Strategy & Reform2017
Paul Brown Executive Director, Regional Delivery & Regulation20112017
Mark Canny Program Manager, Water & Land Use20142017
Simon Skevington Project Director2017
Mike Rowe Director General (since 2016)20142017
Tadas Bagdon Executive Director, Policy & Innovation20122017
Greg Claydon Executive Director, Science and Planning2017
Brian Bartsh Business Manager (Contract)20142015
Maree De Lacey Director General20102015
Tim Grose Senior Water Planner20102014
Gary Ticehurst Manager, Corporate Governance20042013
Jamie Henderson Chief of Staff to the Minister for Water20132013
Luke Esprey Project Hydrologist20082010
Brendan O'Neil Director, Corporate Services20062010
John Ruprecht Director, Water Resource Management20062010
Kim Taylor Director General2010
Philip Commander Principal Hydrogeologist19962009
Riccardo Divita Hydrographer20062008
Paul Rosair Executive Director, Business & Regional Operations20062008
Paul Frewer Acting General Director20052008
Marion Burchell Senior Policy Officer19982006
Antonio GIometti A/Executive Director, Corporate Strategy & Reform
Greg Davis Executive Director, Science and Planning
Marnie Leybourne Executive Director, Policy and Innovation
Barry Cram Executive Director, Corporate Strategy & Reform


The Department of Water was the government agency that looks after all Western Australia's water. The Department managed the availability and quality of water, licensing the tap water we drink, the water that has been used to grow the food we eat, and the water used by mining and industry for state development. On 1 July 2017 the Department of Water amalgamated with the Department of Environmental Regulation and the Office of the Environmental Protection Agency to form the new Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.
Biography last updated 18 Dec 2017

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