Department of Commerce

Established in WA: 2009
The Forrest Centre, 221 St Georges Terrace, PERTH, 6000
08 9263 8112

Article Timeline

Past People

NamePositionYear StartedYear Ended
Ken Chinnery Director, Human Resources20102018
Kristin Berger Executive Director, Labour Relations & Industry Development (since 2015)20022017
David Hillyard Acting Commissioner, Consumer Protection20152017
Peter Gow Executive Director, Building Commission20092017
Joe Attard Executive Director2017
Alex Lyon Public Sector Manager20132017
Michael Mischin Minister for Finance20132017
John Donovan Office of the Director General2017
Lex McCulloch Executive Director, Worksafe20112017
Ken Bowron Executive Director, Energy Safety2017
Jason Batten Online Services Officer20162017
Bob Horstman Executive Director Labour Relations2017
Anne Driscoll Director General20162017
Anne Driscoll Executive Director - Consumer Protection20082015
Kate Schilling Health & Wellbeing Coordinator20142015
Julie de Jong Executive Director, Industry, Science & Innovation20082014
Emma Veenema Senior Project Officer20082013
Tamryn Barker Senior Manager, Innovative Industries20122013
Brian Bartsh Strategic Projects Officer20112012
Carol Williams Project Manager, Business Inititatives20102012
Nina Lyhne Executive Director, WorkSafe20042011
Jean Wei Choo Business Improvement Officer20102011
Albert Koenig Executive Director Energy Safety2010
Bill Marmion Minister for Commerce20102010
Jenness Gardner Manager of Pay Equity Unit, Manager of Policy & Economic Analysis since 200920062010
Peter Viney Executive Director, Science Innovation and Business02010
Malcom Russell Executive Director Resources Safety02010
Susan Barrera Executive Director Labour Relations02010
John Donovan A/Executive Director Office of the Director Genera20052007
Patrick Walker Comissioner, Consumer Protection19982007
Jeff Radisich Executive Director Labour Relations20042006
Michelle Roberts 2006
Barbara Macnish Assistant Prices Commissioner, Consumer Protection20012005
Nicky Howe Manager Trading Standards20022004
Brian Roche Head Of Corporate Services20012004
Basil Manganaro Desktop Support Officer20012004
Richard Muirhead Chief Executive 19972001
David Edwards Director, WA Trade & Investment Office (Indonesia)19982001
Jennifer Duffecy Senior Project Officer, Regional Development19972001
Julie de Jong Project Officer19982000
Brian Bartsh Project Officer, Finance19981999
Brian Bartsh Finance Officer19971998
Stefan Frodsham Manager, Strategic Industries, Department of Commerce & Trade19911994
John Wood Executive Director, Policy Development Division19931993
Brian Bradley Director General2002
Gary Newcombe Commissioner
Alan Jackson Executive Director Corporate Services2004
Christopher Kirwin Director - WorkSafe
Ian Munns Executive Director, Corporate Services


The former Department of Commerce worked with the community to ensure high standards of safety and protection for workers and consumers, and promoted and fostered innovative industries, science and enterprise. The department was comprised of eight divisions: Building Commission; Consumer Protection; EnergySafety; Labour Relations; Industry and Innovation; WorkSafe; Corporate Services and the Office of the Director General. The Department of Commerce was amalgamated with the Department of Mines and Petroleum on the 1st July 2017 to form the new Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.
Biography last updated 06 Dec 2017